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Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course

My Story

I have been involved in this amazing game for over 20 years now, with my love and passion for it continuing to grow every day. Having spent 4 years in the United States on a golf scholarship, then spending the next 7 years pursuing a career playing professionally, I have learned many lessons about this great game and the potential pitfalls that we can all fall into.


Committing everything you have to pursue something can be extremely rewarding, but incredibly frustrating and emotionally draining too. I have been the recipient of bad information and coaching, in which no matter how much harder I worked, I never saw any improvement in results. 10-12 hours a day practising the wrong things does not lead to increased performance (trust me, I have the t-shirt). 

My mission is that none of my students have to go through the unnecessary tribulations that I faced (but make no mistake, there will be tribulations), so that you can all put your effort into the right things to actually experience what it's like to achieve your goals. Because of this, I take my coaching very seriously. I want to learn and develop every day as a coach in order to help each and every one of my players to reach their goals and aspirations over time.

I value clarity, communication and effort over everything. If we are open and honest, we can work towards a solution. If we work hard together, we will achieve your goals. If we are absolutely clear on what needs to be done, then your effort will be directed at improving the necessary techniques and skills, rather than wasting time on irrelevant fluff. 

My guiding principle is to always remain a student. Each experience can teach us something new and I want to always be upgrading my knowledge and understanding to help you get the best results you can.

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